Polypropylene PPL bags are an extremely versatile, durable, economical and practical packaging for any product and requirement.

The polypropylene fabric is extremely robust, resistant to knocks and tears, and therefore has a long life and can be reusable. It is used for various types of materials and countless sectors: grains, feed, seeds, rice, cereals, gardening, laundries, etc.

It is commonly filled manually, but machines for the automatic bagging of these bags are always increasing.

Color: white or colored fabric on request.

Dimensions: 35x50, 35x60, 45x75, 50x80, 50x90, 50x100, 56x96, 55x100, 60x90, 60x110, 60x120, 70x120 and others on request.

Capacity: 10 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg and more, depending on the product

Bellows: 5, 7 and 10 cm, white or transparent (to allow visibility of the product inside the bag)


Sack mouth: folded and sewn or heat-sealed hem, cut in cold (laminated PP bag)

Grammings: from 62 to 80 gr / sqm depending on use

Coating: the polypropylene fabric bag can be coated or laminated (coated) externally for waterproofing. In the case in which the contained product needs to "breathe", the laminated bag can be equipped with micro-holes which allow a correct transpiration of the product.
PPL sacks for automatic machines: the ideal bag for automatic machines as it has no creases; this allows the suction cups an easy and safe bag grip and thus avoid possible hindrances and machine stops. Our special packaging allows the use of our polypropylene fabric bags on automatic machines without any problem.

Printing: up to 4 front and back colors. Thanks to our printing machine for polypropylene bags, we can make prints for small runs and in extremely fast times.

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