The raschel bag in reel is the best known packaging in the fruit and vegetable sector, particularly for the containment of potatoes. It currently represents the most economical but at the same time most resistant packaging on the market.

Prepared to be filled on special machines, the bag is closed by a printed or neutral band, sewn to the bag by sewing thread.

The normal knit bag (or single) enhances the product inside, making it clearly visible. Thanks to the variety of colors and sizes that we are able to offer, it lends itself to many uses and needs.


Dimensions and capacities:

2 kg - 34x31, 32x33

2.5 kg - 34x35, 32x36

3 kg - 32x39, 34x39

4 kg - 34x46, 32x49

5 kg - 34x46, 32x49, 34x50, 35x48

7-8 kg - 35x60

10 kg - 41x60, 42x60

12 kg - 42x65

15 kg - 45x65

20 kg - 44x76, 47x76

25 kg - 54x76, 60x80

Colors: neutral (transparent) with or without red or blue and tricolor edges; opaque white and milky white with or without red and blue borders and with tricolor; red, yellow, maize yellow, orange, beige with red and tricolor edges; any other colors on request.

Customization: our company has designed a machine, unique in Italy, developed by our team for the personalization of bags in reel without the use of glues or other materials that would wear out the machinery. This allows us to apply a band with customized print, based on size and color, to the chosen bag, even for small quantities and in very short times. In addition, our company is the only one able to apply the band either with a continuous step on the bag (different logos or images repeated on the same bag), and centered (a single image centered on each bag).

Our graphic office is able to develop graphic solutions on specific customer request.

Printing features: 10, 12 and 15 cm band; Pantone printing up to 6 colors or four-color printing.

Prodotti correlati: filato cucirino, bandella

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